Steve Ozanich
"TMS Whisperer"
TMS Consulting
The Mindbody Spirit Consultant
"TMS Whisperer"
TMS Consulting
The Mindbody Spirit Consultant
  • Ozanich's The Great Pain Deception is brilliant, terrific.

    Jeff Hays, Jeff Hays Films

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Steve Ozanich
"TMS Whisperer"
TMS Consulting
The Mindbody Spirit Consultant
"TMS Whisperer"
TMS Consulting
The Mindbody Spirit Consultant

TMS Mindbody Health Consultant • Author • Teacher of Presence

"Steve, I am pleased to be represented by someone like you who has experienced the value of understanding the process responsible for your pain." - John E. Sarno, MD

"After Steve wrote his highly regarded first book, The Great Pain Deception, he clearly established himself as a leading TMS expert." - Paul Gwozdz, MD, TMS physician

This site is designed to help sufferers see more clearly into TMS healing, to free them from the darkness of suffering. The main objective is to educate people about TMS, The Mindbody Syndrome, and to teach them how to heal themselves through presence. I'm not a healer. The healing must come from within; the work must be done by the individual. But I can help!

Back Pain, Permanent Healing

Understanding the Myths Lies & Confusion

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I healed from 30 years of pain, and many other health problems. I then spent 10 years researching and writing my first book, The Great Pain Deception in order to explain the process, to help others. Since it was published I've received emails, calls, and letters from several thousand people who have healed and have greatly benefited from it. I've also personally worked with hundreds of people, and have had such great success that I wrote a second book called Back Pain: Myths, Lies, and Confusion.

The healing work is founded upon the pioneering career of John E. Sarno, MD, who changed the world with his seminal observations on pain, and overall health. Every day people are getting operated on needlessly for back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder, arm, hand and foot pain-using unnecessary medical procedures. In fact, the notion that our bodies are failing is actually the main problem, and keeping us in suffering. The body is strong; it is rarely the problem in pain and illness.

Routinely, we are inundated with myths such as back discs that can somehow slip in and out of place, herniated spinal discs that mysteriously press on spinal nerves, and “partial tears” and osteo-arthritis as the causes of shoulder knee and ankle pain. We now know from Dr. Sarno's astronomical success that these are antiquated concepts, and that surgery, physical therapy, injections, acupuncture, spinal manipulations, and all therapeutic measures are rarely, if ever, needed for healing. These healing techniques are the causes of most of the prolonged problems, and any benefits from utilizing these methods have been shown to be placebos in most cases.

I invite you to open your mind and to allow yourself to be changed. Healing comes from gathering knowledge and deepening awareness, not from medical science or outside intervention into the body. Medical science is good. It has saved the lives and improved the quality of life for millions of people. However, paradoxically, it has created more epidemics by focusing on the body rather than on the real cause which is unfelt, unconscious emotions.

The aphorism states; “Treat the person, not the disease.” Medical practitioners have strayed from treating people and have turned toward treating only their symptoms. 400 years BC the Greek physician Hippocrates proclaimed “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” Indeed, this notion still holds true but got lost in science; within the hubris that bodies can always be engineered back into good health. Personality is the most important cause in suffering and imbalance.

It's not about healing the body. It's about discovering the need for the symptoms, and then freeing the body from the mind's purpose.

Good luck. I would enjoy hearing from you, especially after you've healed!

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Steve Ozanich

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I cannot praise Steve enough for the words he wrote 3 years ago when he suggested to me to simply allow my pain—that it would somehow help melt my ego in the TMS healing process. Those words connected deeply with me, and it was the final stone that pulled all the TMS material together for me. It healed me from my back pain. I hope his book will help many people to heal as his words helped me then.