In the 1970s, John E. Sarno, MD, revolutionized healing with his groundbreaking discovery of TMS; Tension Myoneural Syndrome. It’s one of the greatest medical discoveries of the 20th century, regarding its impact on the world, in healing. But within “the great discovery” Dr. Sarno also unearthed and published several insightful “sub-concepts” that have aided in the healing of millions of sufferers. The knowledge of these intelligent concepts helps to expedite the healing process through a deeper understanding of what comprises suffering, and healing.

The ordering of Dr. Sarno’s revelations can be determined by their impact; through the amount of light they shed on TMS, regarding suffering and healing. The top-10 revelations are the spokes within the wheel that give TMS its strength. Not one of the 10 can stand on its own, as each crosses over and blends into the other 9 to form the new paradigm-model for healing.

Awareness and belief hold the keys to unlocking suffering. The more truth that is understood and accepted, the more often healing takes place.