“I recommend this book because the author, Mr. Ozanich, has lived through the experience of having unsuccessful conventional treatments for pain attributed to structural abnormalities of the spine. Once he became aware of and accepted the diagnostic premises of the Tension Myoneural Syndrome, his pain resolved. His experience highlights the significance and power of knowledge in overcoming psychologically induced symptoms."

~ John E. Sarno, MD
Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
NYU School of Medicine
Author of The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders

“There is great wisdom and clarity here. I highly recommend this book and its message.”

~ Christiane Northrup, MD
Author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

“In addition to telling his compelling story, Steve has done an excellent job exploring the realm of mindbody medicine, making this an excellent resource for those who are still looking for answers.”

~ Marc Sopher, MD 

Author of To Be or Not To Be...Pain-Free: The Mindbody Syndrome

“A must read for pain sufferers wishing to understand that the major causes of pain are rarely physical in origin. It's a well researched, comprehensive, and true story of Steve Ozanich's fall and then rise, after finding Dr. John Sarno's brilliant work on TMS pain. This is a truly inspiring story of recovery through discovery.”

~ Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD (hc)
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine, and Public Health
University of Arizona and UCSF Schools of Medicine
Author of New Medicine: Integrating Conventional and Alternative Medicine

“It is probably only fitting that such a complete and insightful review of mind-body causes and cures of TMS and so many other mind-body ailments should come from the pen of one who has suffered enormously from them, and found the answer within. For those who wish to embark upon a journey of self-discovery and self-healing, I heartily recommend considering this book as an enjoyable and stimulating launching point.”

~ Emmett Miller, MD

Pioneer in mindbody medicine
Author of Our Culture on the Couch: Seven Steps to Global Healing

"This is the fascinating story. The author struggled against overwhelming odds for nearly 30 years with chronic pain before finally succeeding. The book recounts in great detail how, after personal tragedy and many mishaps-with both mainstream and alternative practitioners-he finally discovered, worked heroically to apply, and finally succeeded in realizing the full potential of the unique mindfulness approach of pioneering New York physiatrist John E. Sarno, MD."

~Scott Anderson, MD

“Editing this book with Steve has been very challenging. I’ve long been a proponent of self-responsibility for health, but Steve’s taken it to a new level—not everyone’s going to be comfortable with it, at least initially, myself included! The material cuts close to the quick, yet is profoundly important.”

John W. Travis, MD, MPH,
Author of Wellness Workbook