The Great Pain Deception: Faulty Medical Advice Is Making Us Worse.

The Great Pain Deception will take you on a journey into a deeper understanding of what comprises good health by challenging your current beliefs on how pain and disease form. In it, Steve describes his amazing journey from a lifetime of pain to becoming pain-free after discovering the work of John E. Sarno, MD. Chronic pain and fatigue and most diseases have an emotional base, however, the medical industry is set up to treat only the effects instead of the causes. By treating only the symptoms the pain and illness can linger, and worsen. Modern medicine often creates more health problems by the manner in which it treats pain and illness—by ignoring the person and focusing only on the symptoms themselves. The key to good health is in the understanding of the mindbody connection—healing the whole person.

Every day people are getting operated on needlessly for back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder, arm, hand and foot pain—unnecessary medical procedures. In fact, the notion that our bodies are failing us is actually keeping us in pain. Routinely, we are inundated with the faulty concept that back discs can somehow slip out of place, that herniated discs cause back pain, that “partial tears” are the cause of shoulder knee and ankle pain. We know from Dr. Sarno’s work that these are antiquated concepts, and surgery is rarely, if ever, needed for healing.

Our backs, joints, and limbs are not failing us as we are being led to believe—we are far stronger than we think we are. Our pains and illnesses are expressions of our inner-self that have gone unrecognized until we suddenly “get something”—a symptom that tells us we have repressed a part of ourselves. The Great Pain Deception has already received rave reviews from medical doctors including New York Times Best Selling authors, John E. Sarno, MD, and Christiane Northrup, MD. If you want to free yourself from pain and fatigue, and many other symptoms—The Great Pain Deception is a must read. Your life will change forever in the process as light renters the body--and vitality returns.