TMS Consultations:

Over the past 21 years experience has proven what works best in order to help people to heal from TMS. I first began with 1 hour consultations but they proved frustrating because there was never enough time to fully explain the healing process (in enough detail) to get to the deeper levels of awareness where ultimate healing occurs. I noticed that when we continued to talk for another hour that the sufferers struggled to maintain their personas as they began to see deeper into awareness where all healing occurs; 2 hours is currently the target time for teaching/healing.

However, there were some who were not as interested in healing as they were in simply asking questions (eg, in a constant "state of healing" for unconscious reasons). Others were doctors such as pain clinicians and various surgeons along with a wide range of healthcare practitioners who simply wanted to better understand TMS in order to help their patients and clients. Yet others simply wanted a short follow-up session to clarify some points from their previous longer sessions. So I set up 2 different types of sessions to try to accommodate the 2 groups:

2 hour: Full Healing Session: $300

1 hour: Q n A Martin Session: $160

No recordings will be made. All conversations are private and confidential.

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Typical consultations include:

  • History, symptoms, any medical advice/clearance
  • What sufferers may be doing wrong or right in healing
  • Dr. Sarno and his work
  • Beliefs, accurate thinking, psychology of pain, contagion, family, and purpose
  • Mindbodyspirit, quantum healing, understanding presence
  • Consultations are intended to explain the process of TMS healing from an expert’s experience, and are in no way substitutes for medical/psychological advice. Steve is a teacher and consultant, he is not in the medical field nor is he a psychotherapist