Back Pain, Permanent Healing: Understanding the Myths Lies & Confusion

Back Pain, Permanent Healing: Understanding the Myths Lies & Confusion is the most comprehensive journey ever taken into the true cause of back pain. It meticulously examines why the current approaches to healing back pain are failing, and how true healing can occur.

The many modern therapeutic techniques currently utilized by pain-practitioners are not working in the long run, and are actually making the problem worse; which is why back pain has now become the number one cause of disability in the world. All the modern “techniques” that sufferers rely upon are not solving the problem; they only appear to help on occasion because of the awesome power of belief. Back pain tends to return repeatedly, varying in intensity because the true cause is not generally understood due to the massive confusion swirling around the many myths and lies that have morphed into accepted “facts and beliefs.”

The human spine is strong. The very notion that the back is weak, in constant need of repair, re-aligning, manipulation, protection, and strengthening is false; myths created by the pain-industry. The spine is one of the strongest parts of the body. The many so-called flaws as seen on the medical imagings are not flaws at all. They are usually normal findings that are actually protecting the spine from pain. The notion that the spine is flawed, frail, and weak, or that bad backs are inherited comes from the pain-brokers. But these are false concepts that are deeply ingrained in the collective mindset.

The only healing method consistently working is the one that most back pain sufferers don’t want to hear, which is to do nothing to the body to heal, since nothing needs healed. Back pain comes from oxygen loss in the spinal nerves and muscles, due to tension, via the autonomic nervous system. It is one of the most painful things in clinical medicine but it’s almost never a physical-structural problem. All attempts at treating the spine are the very things causing the pain to stay.

Back pain must be learned away in almost every case. It cannot be doctored, medicated, or exercised away. These therapeutic techniques may bring about temporary relief, but they are the very things that are causing the problems.
The cures are the curses. Learn, understand, accept and heal. Healing is a matter of letting go, not fixing.